proof-20Birth Doula Services

* One to two home visits to discuss the parents’ desires and preparation for birth.
* Phone and email support as needed during pregnancy and postpartum.
* Assistance in creating an individualized birth plan.
* Labor support by phone during early labor and upon arrival at your home or in the hospital during active labor.
* Emotional, physical, and informational support during labor and birth.
* Video and/or photography assuming there is adequate time for this service, as it is secondary to your doula support.
* Birth timeline to help capture all facets of your labor and birth.
* Initial breast feeding support and professional referral if needed.
*One postpartum visit in your home within one to two weeks following the birth.

Intuitive Childbirth Education

I am currently enrolled in Intuitive Childbirth’s educator program to provide families with comprehensive childbirth education to include, but not limited to:
* Optimal nutrition for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
* Understanding of the stages of labor
* Comfort measures and positions to use for each stage of labor
* Optimal fetal positioning importance
* Birth preferences planning
* A full breastfeeding class explaining anatomy of the breast, milk supply, nursing holds, pumping techniques, returning to work, etc
* Newborn basics